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Triple-necked 6-string instrument (3 necks in 1 with a triangular cross-section configuration)

Here is some work for a waveguide acoustic guitar body concept.  The top two pic show a waveguide that is a 2″ tube that is 70″ long fitting inside a typical acoustic guitar shape.  The bottom sketch shows a larger diameter, shorter length waveguide design.  Through prototyping these designs I hope to discover the best combinations of shave, diameter, and length for a waveguide acoustic guitar.

This acoustic guitar concept was designed to be completely hollow and form a structure using various waveguides to channel the sound around in interesting ways.  The way I was thinking of building this guitar would be to cnc mill the entire form out of wax and the wind it withd carbon fiber filaments. After applying resin and repeating until there is enough structure from the cured resin and fiber, then I would put it in the oven the melt out the wax, leaving a strong, lightweight, and completely hollow acoustic guitar.  I would like to experiment with waveguides in acoustic guitars a little more, because a rectangular cross-section might provide a more interesting sound.