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Triple-necked 6-string instrument (3 necks in 1 with a triangular cross-section configuration)

More Guitar Concepts

Posted: December 10, 2010 in Roto-uku, stringed instruments

Roto-uku headstock

Posted: November 23, 2010 in stringed instruments

This headstock design is four pieces that slot fit together and are set into the neck.


Posted: November 23, 2010 in stringed instruments

Here is a 15″ scale instrument- this is the 4-string version though an 8-string prototype is in the works.

Potetnially, a silicone mold can be made to produce inexpensive duplicates like the red one illustrates.

A round neck concept I came up with- the body and neck are both hollow, designed to be milled out of wood in 3 parts and glued together.  The round neck features a single fret that spirals from top to bottom, winding at the proper rate to allow the frets to carry half-step intervals.  The nut is a metal ring that pulls the string towards the neck (opposite of most nuts on standard guitars that have the strings pulling down on them towards the frets because of the angle of headstock)

I was thinking that maybe if each of the three strings here were an octave apart- I was trying to come up with an instrument that had some more interactivity to the way it is actually played.  The fretting hand would also be used to spin the guitar along its neck access, and one could fret with their fingers and thumb in a pinching position.

I was inspired by the shape of some of the old stringed instruments that used a hollow gourd for the body.